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Uniform and Accoutrements

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Coatee: red tunic from worsted wool with yellow facings, collar and epaulettes. 8 laces in pairs, white with a blue stripe and pewter buttons with the number of the regiment (92) on them.

Red Wings (only grenadier and light company) attached to the shoulder, also decorated with lace. 2 decorative, vertical pockets on the turnbacks also decorated with lace and 4 buttons.

Kilt: government Tartan with a yellow overstripe

Shirt: white linen shirt

Neckstock: broad, black leather strap, put around the neck and fastened in the back with a clasp. Usually the first item that would “go missing” and would be replaced by a black cravatte.

Hose Tops: red-white, diced socks, without foot. They were fastened under the knee with red, woolen garters.

Spats: black spats made out of linen or wool with 8 pewter buttons, each.

Hummle Bonnet: felted bonnet, dark blue with red, white and green dicing and a white pompom on top (for grenadiers).


Feather Bonnet: peaked, felted bonnet, dark blue with red, white and green dicing and a white pompom on top and 6 ostrich feathers. On the left side a black cocarde with a sphinx, a grenade and a white feather hackle (for grenadiers).

Fatigue Jacket: it is uncertaint if the fatigue jacket was plain white wool or had yellow facings and collar.

Greatcoat: grey wool coat, half lined, with a small tippet.

Shoes: black leather shoes, rough side out, with brass buckles and equal lasts.

Weapon: Brown Bess flintlock musket and bayonet.

Crossbelts: white buff leather belts worn across the shoulders. Left shoulder; cartridge box, black which holds 30 shot and additional flints. Right shoulder, bayonet belt incl. scabbard and bayonet closed on the chest with the crossbelt plate which links both belts. The breastplate is engraved with a thistle, the regimental number and “Gordon Highlanders”.

Additional Kit:

Knapsack, till 1808 made from waxed canvass with a yellow front, after that blackened with tar. Haversack, white linnen, blue canteen with a leather strap. Messtin and cover. Wooden spoon, pipeclay to whiten the crossbelts, black ball (a mixture of sutt and grease) to blacken the cartridge box and shoes. Backup shoe and shirt, wool fingerless mittens. Perhaps tobacco, pipe and some playing cards and any other personal items.


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