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Regimental History

1794 the Gordon Highlanders were founded by Alexander, 4th Duke of Gordon in the area around Aberdeen.
He put them under the command of his son, the Marquess of Huntley.
A special story about the recruitment is that the wife of the Marquess, Jean, offered each new recruit who signed up for the Gordons a kiss.

1799 first Battle Honour in Egmont Op Zee, back then still as the 100th Regiment. The Gordons got their 92nd later.

1800 the Gordons went, via Malta, to Egypt. Here they fought, amongst others, the battle of Abu Quir (1801).


1803 back in England (Weeley Barracks, Colchester/Essex) a second battalion was founded.

1807 the Gordons sailed to Denmark and were among the few troops that landed near Copenhagen.

1809 the Gordons, of whom a detachment was serving in La Coruna, they received orders back to England and from there were off on the expedition to Zeeland, where they participated in the landing near Veere, on the island of Walcheren.

1810 after the regiment recovered from the losses they received on Walcheren (Walcheren fever) and was rebuilt to full strength, came a marching order to the Peninsula to fight in Wellington's Peninsula Campaign.

The Gordons participated in several battles there. We find marks in their regimental history like Fuentes d'Onoro (1811), Badajoz (1812), Vitoria, Maya and Nive (1813).

1815 after a short stay at the Weeley Baracks in Great Britain they were, again, called to the continent. In June they rushed via Quatre Bras to Waterloo. During the battle of Quatre Bras, where the Duke of Wellington sought refuge in one of their squares, they suffered such high losses that when they finally reached Waterloo their number had shrunk below 400 men.


Within the following 170 years the Gordon Highlanders fought several wars and battles for Great Britain, in India, Afghanistan, and in Africa, amongst others. During the 1st World War they were in Egypt and Belgium. During the 2nd World War they were part of the landing party "Overlord" in Normandy. On September 17th 1994 they were merged with the Seaforth Highlanders and the Cameron Highlanders to form the 4th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland. 

Battle Honours

1794- 1815

Egmont op zee (1799) - Mandora/Egypt (1801) – La Coruna (1809) - Fuentes d'Onor (1811) - Almaraz (1812) - Vittoria (1813) – Pyrenees (1813) – Nive (1813) – Orthezs (1814) - Peninsula (1809-13) – Waterloo (1815)


For further information about the history of the Gordons we advise the books “Life of a Regiment: The history of the Gordon Highlanders."




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