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The Gordon Highlanders Grenadier Company was founded in 2007 by Donald Meulemans. At that time he'd been a private in the dutch Gordon Highlanders Light Company for a few years.
Don's idea had been to extend the group across the borders of the BeNeLux countries. And he succeeded.

The “Grens” started out with about 6 members and by now we're around 20 active members.
Today both groups work together and support each other with friendly affection.



Our goal with the Grenadier Company is an as accurate as possible display of the Regiment between 1800 and 1815.
For this we rely on different research sources, our own work and close connections to museums, etc.

Even though it's not possible to generate a 100% accurate account of these times we're still trying to get a better grasp of the life and experiences of the soldiers and their families.

The Gordons are a “traveling regiment”.
During the last years we got invited to events all over western Europe. Along with regular visits to Belgium, France and the Netherlands we found ourself in Norway, England, Spain, Portugal and Italy.
Of course we also participate on events in Germany.

On top of the regular events of the season we also do winter drill days with our sister group, the lights. We usually meet the last sunday of the months october, november, january, and february at fortress Loevestein in the Netherlands.
Our drill is based on the “Rules and regulations, for the formations, field-exercise and movements of His Majesties forces (1807)”

During the winter months we mend and clean our kits.
Parts and pieces which wore out during the events get mended or replaced. Sometimes we also find new accounts in our research and replace pieces of our kit due to new information on the authenticity of them.

Some items of our kit, which are specific to our regiment, we even manufacture ourselves, like sporrans and bonnets.

We depict British military, which means during the displays English is the official language. Due to the close connection with our Dutch sister group we also converse a lot in English around the campfire.

In our displays you'll find “lowly” privates and officers along with musicians like pipers and drummers and of course campfollowers and soldiers wives who follow their brave men during the campaign. Even the odd “regimental dog” finds it's way to our camp.
During events we're a colourful group, having a lot of fun.

All newcomers are welcome, and one thing is for sure;
As a grenadier, wearing a Kilt is a must!


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